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Our surveillance products secure and monitor people, facilities and assets in a wide range of security applications. Our surveillance model is designed for commercial and residential applications that require recording from one to sixteen network IP cameras, hard wired or wireless.

The surveillance system is made up of one primary component: the surveillance web server system (built into the camera), which is used to provide remote access to live and recorded video of one or more surveillance computers.

Typical Uses:

Buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking areas:
Our surveillance solutions can monitor buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking areas securely and easily, thus making these places safer for all visitors. At night, surveillance system can be used to monitor the facility. In the event of an unauthorized entry, motion detection can initiate recording of the intruder and send an immediate email notification to security with images.

Our surveillance solutions provide additional security over traditional analog systems for retail stores who are constantly exposed to the threat of robbery. Live video is transmitted over Internet and can be stored on a web server in a secure place, rather than on a tape cassette that is reachable by potential criminals.

Home security
During the day, you can watch your children, parents, pets etc. remotely trough Internet. At night, motion detection can trigger an alarm, start recording video, and scare off intruders with a sound siren.